The story starts with a horse with a huge personality

It may seem a little predictable to begin our story this way but the personality of this horse is his most striking element. It hits you even before his flowing mane, flaring nostrils or stamping hooves. His temperament is always on display,  when you look at all his features you just know it could not belong to any other horse than him.

May 25th 2004 – Unno was born in Puglia, amidst the beauty of Southern Italy. Those who were lucky enough to be there in those first moments in this world will tell you how full of life and courageous he was with his first steps. As time has gone by we continue to be in awe of his beauty, his long flowing mane that ripples in the breeze and the pure delight of watching his elegance as he gallops.

Beloved Unno, how we love him. He is a horse whose eyes reflect his soul, expressing his every thought and mood, his charm and his intense blackness.

Unno inspires. He possesses the ability to bring people together whether you are riding him, watching him or even following him on social networks. Unno is the very essence of the horse, he has style that is captivating to all who meet him. He is the star of two films though that is not really the point. He is where instinct, beauty and attitude collide, a horse that possesses your thoughts……….which is why the story does not end here.

Our fascination of Unno taught us about pure beauty, how to capture and fill our world with his style. Every side of his personality is so pure and true, his discipline, his freedom are gifts. His beauty inspired us to create more beauty.

From Unno’s very essence, something great has been born.

We dreamed, imagined and then visualised a collection inspired and dedicated to the horse. Our desire was to create a beautiful equestrian collection of products for the horse and rider using only the greatest Italian craftspeople, unprecendented quality of materials that were customisable and unique.

We have worked hard, choosing textiles and materials to reflect and define the unmistakable UBlack style. To capture a fragment of Unno’s beauty and the perfection of his movement in each sophisticated detail.

Each piece of the UBlack collection reflects his grace and vitality.

Unno – pure Black